We are always looking for new faces!

send an email to

include a minimum of 2 clear photographs of yourself ( head & shoulders and full length in swimwear.)  You can use these images as reference.

These do not have to be professional photos, please don't wear make-up.

Include the following on the email: your name, age, height, where you live
and contact details.

If you are not South African we prefer to work through your mother agency.
Please get your mother agent to contact us.
www.maxmodels.co.zawww.maxmodels.co.za Is there a fee to join the agency?

No fees are charged for joining the agency.
Should we decide to represent and manage you, there will be costs
involved in developing your portfolio by professional photographers,
stylist and make-up artists.
This will be explained to you in more detail in your interview.

What are the requirements?

Please note the following height requirements
Women height minimum 1.74

For younger models, your age will be taken into consideration if you are
shorter than the minimum height requirement.